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Ruby The Joey
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This is baby Ruby. She is a red joey who was found orphaned today about 80km west of Longreach.

Today I finally got to play with my Warm-A-Pet Heartbeat Simulator that a very generous friend, Terri sent me. 

Never have I had an orphaned joey so settled. She happily feeds every 3 hours. She isn't fussing, hissing or biting. Usually I wear joeys and sleep upright with them for the first few days so they can hear my heart beat, but she is settled, sleeping upside down in her pouch like she should. Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!

~ Megan (16/1/2015)

Joey Pouch

Black Wallaby - Male - 753gm

Found on road out of pouch. Mothers body close by. Joey suffering hypothermia, also wet as it had rained during the night. Dehydration noted at approximately 10%. Minor cuts/grazes. Rapid heart rate and noisy breathing indicating probable chest (lung) infection.

Joey placed onto your Small Deluxe Flat Heat Pad once pad began to warm. Set on full 12v. I used the flat pad as I had great success earlier in the year with a 489gm pink wallaby with major trauma to his lower back. I had not wanted him in the preferred "horse-shoe" shape due to the injury so with great success used the noted pad first in a "rescue" basket, then later in a larger well padded basket.

The wallaby took several hours to feel externally warm (3hrs) and twice that before he had warmed through so mouth and rectum felt warm when touched/felt. Heart rate was still rapid so introduced the Heartbeat Simulator. Within a short time, the heart rate had reduced, shortly after he willingly suckled a bottle of formula, prior to this his distress was evident with fluids needing to be given sub-cutaneously.

I have dealt with many macropod joeys over the past 25+ years and am confident the simulator assisted with the stress.

I placed the pad between the inner and outer pouch with the "beat" feeling on the wallabys body - he could move if wanted.

~ Brenda

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Update on 753gm Back Wallaby (15.12.14)

Once I considered the joey was comfortable and accepting of his new situation the Heartbeat Simulator was removed immediately before a feed and approx 24hrs after arrival.

Two-Three hours later he began calling in a very distressed manner which is usual for most small wallabies. He was checked and resettled but the calling began almost immediately, he was again check and I held him which worked and he immediately settled. After the following feed the same happened again, this time I placed the simulator pad into his bedding as before, ensuring the "beat" side was touching his body.

Shortly after he became quiet and settled. Over the following 24-36hrs I tested his reaction to the HeartBeat Simulator by only using it after he began calling, each time he settled quickly and was always eager to take his formula. There was no problems with either bladder or bowel.

I'm very happy with the results on this joey who had such a traumatic experience after the death of his mother. I had the simulator set on 60 beats per minute.

~ Brenda

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Once again thank you for a beaut product.
PS Tried it a couple of times on tiny parrots (galahs, eyes still closed) but both clutches moved away. Haven't tried it on any other chicks as yet. So far the chicks have been tiny and multiple so have soothed each other.

~ Brenda

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