Joey Pouch

Mini-Deluxe Heat Pad


The Mini-Deluxe is a tiny 160mm x 160mm non-flexible heat pad developed for use in the care of very small animals that don't require a larger sized pad.


Seven heat setting selection switch, located on the power supply, allows you to choose the ideal warmth for the animal in care.

Extra low voltage, supply approved power pack, means safe comfort for all animals in care.


Extremely low running costs - just cents per day, even if left on 24/7.



Thoroughly tested by many wildlife carers with very positive reviews.
(Trialled with, but not limited to the use with: Tawny Frogmouth chick, Black Duck hatchlings, other fledglings up to Magpie chick size, small Blue Tongue lizard, Sugar Glider and Micro Bats)

Two years Manufacturers' Warranty.
(Does not cover damage by chewing, moisture, accidental or wilful damage etc.).

All Warm.A.Pet heat pads are CTick compliant and this

Mini-Deluxe Heat Pad

 Is licensed to carry the Australian Made logo

Optional Extras


Ambient Thermometer with Probe

Essential for Wildlife Carers to use under the animal to monitor warmth. Operates off 1 x AA battery (Included).

Note: The Mini-Deluxe heat pad is a non-flexible product and is also not suitable to be used with a Car Lead.

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